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Intelligent vehicle and pedestrian traffic control system

The system is developed to obtain analytics and statistical data on the movement of vehicles and pedestrians on any sections of road that interest you.

Through using of advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence, you get the opportunity to track the route of the vehicle, as well as get a forecast of its future movement. The system determines not only the trajectory, but also the type of vehicle.

All information is stored in an optimized database, so you can instantly get an answer to your request.

This product will help solve many problematic issues:

1 traffic control on dangerous sections of roads of different types in order to prevent traffic violations, among which there are more than 15 types of recognizable violations;

2 the possibility of automatically assigning fines to violators of traffic rules: drivers of vehicles (using the connection of the ALPR module for number recognition) and pedestrians (using the connection of Face recognition module with a sufficient level of image quality for personal identification);

3 creation of “smart” traffic lights with automatic switching of the light signals depending on traffic congestion at different times of the day;

4 receiving statistics on visiting establishments of any type;

5 determining the profitability of opening stores, cafes, offices and other establishments based on an analysis of pedestrian traffic that will become your potential customers.