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Biometric facial recognition system

For the operation of the system, high-resolution cameras are used. Cameras are installed in places of organized flow of people: turnstiles, queues, transitions, etc.

Face recognition system provides unique features including:

1 Increased security during the implementation of cash transactions.
When installing cameras near ATMs, the system will be able to prevent fraud by comparing the face of a bank card holder and the face of a person who performs a monetary transaction.

2 Automation of control at checkpoints.
The system will instantly alert you when it detects a person from the blacklist. Also, the identification of persons can replace the keys to the intercom.

3 Getting information about all visitors and employees of the institution.
The system not only saves a person's photo in the database, but also provides data if his identity was identified by the system earlier.

4 Detection of personalities that are in the database of the search.
The system only needs a photo of a wanted person, and it will notify you about his location at the moment of first fixation.