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The system of automatic license plates recognition of cars provides opportunities:

1 Automatic number recognition
The system is based on a number of the latest technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, which, working in conjunction with each other, guarantee enhanced license plate recognition accuracy. Through the use of machine vision and deep machine learning, the system sees the world like the human brain. Thus, the recognition accuracy of most numbers exceeds 95%.

2 Detection the vehicle and tracking the route
With the help of automatic license plate recognition it is possible to track the route of a particular vehicle within the street network covered by cameras, as well as fixing the time spent in a particular node.

3 Verification of compliance of the vehicle and license plate according to registration
The system automatically records the compliance of the brand and model of the vehicle with the registered license plate, and also provides the necessary information on all vehicle registrations.

4 Check on the bases of tracing
After detection of the license plate, an intelligent automatic check of the vehicle takes place using external databases. As soon as a match is found, alerts are sent to external services (email, telegram, sms, webhook) with complete information about the car: number, color, brand and model of car, geo-position of fixation, a route built according to historical data with the intended further direction of travel.